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Project Space 

  • Ashtanga Moon Yoga | Jeden Mittwoch
  • Climate of Fear - part I.
  • "Body Movement Workshop" by Valentin Tszin
  • Synergy - the devision of labor in bacterial colonies - VORSPIEL 2020
  • Climate of Fear - New Years Eve
    Eiswerderstraße 18, AUFGANG D. 13585 Berlin
  • Un/natürliche Feldaufnahmen | Workshop by William "Bilwa" Costa
    Eiswerderstraße 18 D ,13585 Berlin
  • Lee White * Sculpture | Sound

2019 | 2020

Resident Type : research, thematic, partnership, interdisciplinary or cross-sectorial 

Artists’ residencies are centres of professionalisation that provides the artist with the opportunity of creative investment, development of new concepts and inherent  connections. . In addition, they provide the  artist with a range of resources both economical and professional:  facilities, tools, professional feedback and opportunities to develop their networks, contacts and audiences. They can offer access to new technologies, partnerships and  funding streams as well as, in some circumstances, lead to the development of new ideas that expand the artists’ œuvre. It also builds capacity for cultural awareness and competence just as organisational, personal development and managerial skills can be strengthened  and shared. 

Atelier Program, all studios are currently filled.        | Studio 6 Residency Space 1 - 3 months


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