01. February 2018 | modular+space | Greenhouse Berlin

Sound Studies and Sonic Arts

Die Absolventinnen und Absolventen des Masterstudiengangs Sound Studies am Berlin Career College der Universität der Künste Berlin laden vom 9. bis zum 14. Februar zu Vorträgen, Performances und einer Ausstellung ihrer Abschlussarbeiten an verschiedenen Orten Berlins ein. https://soundstudies.info/
Sound Studies and Sonic Arts

Zeit & Ort

01. February 2018
modular+space | Greenhouse Berlin

Über die Veranstaltung

The performance encompasses 250 custom made contact microphones which are attached to my exposed and entire body. These microphones are wired to 5 meter cables feeding into 8 amplifiers/speakers and mixings desks, diffusing and distributing each signal amongst its chain. Amplifiers/speakers will be placed in a semi-circle around me contextualizing the performance in regards to aspects of perception and spatiality. The performance itself is conceptually divided into the notion of both sound and dance/movement. At this intersection, movements and gestures inspired by Anna Halprin's dance and performance methodology will be referencing, expressing and addressing facets from the physical to audible. The individual dance/movements will play with the notion of self-healing, translating experiences and emotions into sound and vice versa.